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No-Gym Week

I was unable to train, due to the instructor being gone last week.

I made huge gains though this week in my muscular endurance and cardio development in 3 different areas:

I did the punch-cross drill and gained 400% on that and the push-ups right after the punch-combos monday through wednesday.

I also gained 400% on the plank exercise, did four 4-minute exercises per day this week up till friday.

Thursday I decided to make things a bit rougher with the cross-drills. I have this 10-15 pound resistance band that is about 2-3 foot in circumference. I can do a lat-fly press with it if that helps you understand.

With the resistance band I can only punch out a 6-5-4-3-2-1 set of the punch-cross and pushups.

Last night I started back on my power/cardio circuit.

Did the 6-5-4-3-2-1 drills for punches/ push ups and then did my normal circuit except I only did sets of 5's instead of 25 overhead diamonds and 15-25 lunges.

I am happy to say that I had extreme difficulty getting the 5th overhead press locked out over my head after doing the new circuit prior to my old one.

I am working on my cardio, by doing jumping drills today.

set counts of 90 lateral and 60 front to back jumps, I have done 5 sets of this today.

I think I could get a hellishly brutal circuit built out of the technique drilling, power/cardio and the cardio jumping.

Got a email from the instructor a little bit ago, he told me there will be class monday,tuesday, and thursday this week. I will be able to attend for 3 hours tuesday and 4-4.5 thursday night for this week, almost double from my 1st week.

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