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Originally Posted by sNuFf_rEaLiTy View Post
I think revolving belts are just a sign of how close the competition is.

I love dominant champs to, Anderson Silva is no doubt an amazing MMA figurehead and I may not like GSP but I do respect him. I just personally don't think the WW and MW divisions are quite as deep and close as LW, LHW and HW. Not to take anything away from the defending champs, but is anyone surprised that it's those 2 divisions with dominant champs at the moment?
BS... the other divisions are the ones who lack true elite of the elite fighters IMO

shogun could be one if it wasnt for his knee..or maybe JBJ will be one

i dont think its fun when the belt is like hot potato, because that just means that the vitory wasnt that impressive, its not impressive to be champ and lose it in your next fight, the LHW belt is in need of a dominant champ to bring that value back

BJ made the LW belt matter, and frankie is keeping it strong for now

the FW belt matters, WW belt, MW belt...but the LHW belt? who cares whos champ, by the next defense we will have a new one, its a fun division because of the fighters, but lacking a dominant champ kinda takes away the meaning of being a champ

theres that saying that you're only truly a champion once you defend your belt..
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