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Front-Kick Drill

Hey guys, I have been working on a very simple way to hammer out rapid front-kicks.

There is some similarity in the idea that Jeff Joslin employs in his training movie "elbows-in".

Here is a multiple step description:
1. Take your hands and form a rough "C" shape with your thumb and index finger.

2. Bring both hands together, for the sake of example your left hand will be on top with the palm over the right-hand's knuckles.

3. Place this at 4 separate heights on each side of your body. Knee to Thigh Height "where the ball of the foot or the heel will impact.

Ab-core height, chest height and chin/face height.

For the highest height with the example given your left hand's knuckles will rest against the right jawline.

4. Once you get the knee raises under control then you throw the thrusting portion of the strike into the exercise.

5. You will hear audible cracks from a 4-5 inch surface that extends from the top of the knee back towards your pelvic area on the quad-muscle.

This is resulting from the base of your palm smacking into this surface. There will be some slight discomfort in the quad-muscle but nothing serious.


You should be able to condition your mind to tell yourself that in the varied levels of the knee rise where to stop and preform the thrust portion of the front-kick.

Given a bit of practice you will be able to obtain muscle memory allowing you to strike with greater accuracy, speed and power.

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