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being from Chicago i must /facepalm whenever anyone talks of domino's or pizza hut..... calling them pizza is like call chef boyardee pasta... technically, but no not really....

i had a friend from wisconsin come down for a UFC event, talked abot how he's had some awesome pizza and that... i ordered from a lil hole in the wall mom and pop pizza place by me, he said that was the best pizza he had ever had by far! and he thinks of it now whenever he has pizza back home.

but we had my family party for my birthday today since it was when we could all get together. had some real epic chinese food tonight, spicy and very flavorful and SPICY!!!! just how i like my men!!! i mean... women!!!! and my food, hotter the better. still burping that shit up, but when your drinking free beer, its all good.

speaking of parties... you know back in the day it used to be a bunch of us siting around getting wrecked and having fun...... thise time there were 5 adults and 7 kids running around screeching and prolly breaking stuff... where did my life go wrong? i have no kids... why are my parties now more kids then adults and if i get retard drunk infront of the kids im just the creepy drunk uncle..... getting old sucks ass.... i saw a quote from someone somewhere that said "when i was young all i wanted was to be older... now that im older... this is bullshit."

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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