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Originally Posted by RudeBoySes View Post
since i follow multiple sports, i hear this alot from people. even about the nicest athletes i have met, there are a few who insist: "he refused to sign, he refused to take a pic, he ignored us, he was so arrogant, etc."

put yourself in his shoes, being hounded more than the average person. being in the spotlight all the time. everything you do is documented. you have to be careful about everything you say or do. can you imagine how many times he must be asked for autographis, pics, etc? i don't like to judge a person i have never met, but i always try to put myself in their shoes. maybe he had a bad day that day, maybe he was worn out, maybe he had a fight with his g/f, maybe it was just a lie form jealous fans? you have to take that stuff with a grain of salt.
"if you cant handle the heat then get out of the kitchen"

agreed that it would be annoying, but they should be grateful that everyone knows who they are. the fact that they aren't nobodies anymore.
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