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I live in NW Ohio (between Lima and Toledo). I checked a couple places. There's actually a gun store downstairs below my apartment LOL but they're never open aside form w hat Federal law mandates them to be open (like an hour a day or some shit). Found a website that says they're like $1300 there. There's another store across town that they're around the same price, but I've never been there and I didn't even know it existed until I saw the site.

I mainly want to get it for target shooting, too. I want to get into long range marksman shooting. Not so much competition or anything, just as a hobby. I've always been interested in guns and stuff for the precision aspect of it, not so much the assault side lol. I'd rather shoot laser beams and drop a target at 200+ yards in a single shot than go hog wild and turn it to swiss cheese close range. If there's another (read: Cheaper lol) gun that'll accomplish the same thing as an M1A then I'm open to suggestions and stuff. You guys seem to know your shit. I want something that's reliable, customizable and deadly accurate. I'd prefer to have a SA as opposed to a BA (don't really want a hunting rifle, I'd rather be able to rattle off 10 shots as fast as I can center them as opposed to having to rechamber and then reset fully) but a BA will do as well. Really just something I'm going to be able to be accurate with when I get good with it. Something capable of long range and something reliable enough that I'm not going to constantly have to do maintenance on.

As far as the tactical goes that's not something I'm dead set on doing, I just want to know my gun is THAT customizable. Like the M4 SOP Mod picture back there. I want to be able to have a whole bunch of different shit on my gun if I so choose so if I'm ever like "Eh, I'm bored" then I can work on it for hours and make it look like a new thing lol. I'm all for just clean, simple aesthetics as well, though. So having a naked gun that looks great is no problem. The M1A is one of the few guns I think looks amazing just by it's self though.

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