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Back in BJJ! It's been a long time coming. This ringworm is dead, it's just scarred up a bit.

So after 3 months out of a gi I jumped into a beginners class. The warmups tired me out nicely. We did some side control escapes for technique. One was moving your arm nearest their hips under their stomach onto their far hip, then moving your far foot into this spot on the hip to give you something to brace against as you hip escape out. Other one had a similar concept but it was controlling their outside arm at the sleeve, putting your knee into their far arm, then wrapping that leg around their arm, replacing your knee with the foot...another brace to hip out against.

Had lots of good rolls today. Rolled a really strong white belt but finally managed to get the pendulum sweep and ride mount for awhile, finished with an armbar.

Rolled a big white belt and rocked him. Pendulum sweep, arm triangled him. Scissor sweep and found the kimura from north south. Ended the round before I could get the armbar from mounted triangle.

Rolled a skilled brown belt, he pulled guard and that's where we spent the round. I made it to half guard but no further. He threatened a kimura and a triangle but I stayed out of trouble for the stalemate.

Rolled a blue, pendulum sweep -> arm triangle and otherwise controlled him.

Good first class back. Glad to have a good showing after a layoff, but I feel my rolling endurance lacking what it used to be. I think I muscled alot of the moves and even now my body aches. Will keep up with the jits this week.
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