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Originally Posted by KillerShark1985 View Post
I voted, wow Versus is a real red neck channel, Bull Riding, Hunting, Fishing, NFL, College Football, Indy Car, MMA, dam I bet this is Brocks favorite channel.
Thank you

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
I gave my vote to AKA as well. They are still behind 48% to 52% though.
Thanks bud

Originally Posted by Fard View Post
Another vote for AKA. They're even now, 50% - 50%.
Thanks you

Originally Posted by oldfan View Post

Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
Voted for AKA, don't see how they could lose against Cesar Gracie's though.. 52% - 48%
Thanks bud. I sure hope they dont.

Originally Posted by hixxy View Post
I voted for you mate.
Much appreciated man.

Originally Posted by Abrissbirne View Post
Voted even though i dont know if i like Dave Camarillo much :P
Well glad you still voted haha. Think of it as voting for me since i train at AKA heh. Ty i do appreciae it.

Originally Posted by MRBRESK View Post
Crazy Bob Cook and Javier Mendez + Cain, Herschel, Cung Le, Cormier, Gomi, Swick, Mr Wonderful and Fitch = a pretty good camp.
Yeah it is. Im never lucky with having places like that close to me but somehow i lucked out and have AKA 1-2min away. Its great. Thanks btw.

Originally Posted by pipe View Post
I voted, i like you.

You 58% - 42% now

Thanks bud. Much appreciated.

Originally Posted by Killstarz View Post

59% - 41% now
Thank you.

Originally Posted by Rauno View Post
You used the old "if you like me you.." technique to get our attention, eh Side. Not bad my young grasshopper, not bad at all.
Haha so you noticed that??? I figured that was a decent way for me to go at it and support my gym. Though im sure there will be some people that dislike me and will vote against just to be douches. But thats expected haha

Thanks everybody i do appreciate it.

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