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Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
Well ofcourse.

But i would sell my left arm to drive a Truck that Kid Cudi used to own.

Why are people even trying to argue that Name Value adds to the price. I dont freaking get it. I learned this in the 1st grade.

Kanye West can Sign a picture and sell it for more then the EXACT same picture without his signature would.
We aren't talking about autographs and paraphernalia. We are talking about a vehicle and historically vehicles don't become more valuable because a celebrity owned them unless we are talking huge celebs, like Michael Jackson or Elvis. MMA is still somewhat of a fringe sport and Velasquez still has not even shown he is a major star or that he has any staying power, he wouldn't be the first to burn out. Celebrity vehicles only increase in value if they are huge celebs or they do something incredibly dumb in it. (OJ's Bronco for example) because that is an iconic image. Its not worth more because it was OJ's,hell if OJ had borrowed his sisters Bronco it would be worth the same.

Vehicles are big, bulky and expensive making the demand significantly lower. Besides if you buy it and drive it a year its no longer Cain velasquez's truck its your truck and nobody cares about your truck.

And Rusty I am not a big brand loyalty guy but GM are crap.

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