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Originally Posted by xeberus View Post
Got back from the Dr a bit ago. He got me a shot and a zpac. Anyways I get this ancient nurse who takes me back, must be 60 and shes about as friendly as a rabid wolverine in your pants. Anyways he leaves and I assume its going to be bag of bones bitch giving me the shot in the ass (hip) but instead its this 25-30ish girl who isnt hot but isnt bad looking either, a solid 6.5/10, and I would have hit it. She asks me to lower my pants... Bullshit, I undo my belt and drop my pants and boxers to the floor. Which is among my favorite things to do, get naked in front of your medical provider and start a conversations. I guess I just have that mindset "this is my penis and how are you" xD
Very interesting story.

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