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Gym: Day Two

Hey guys,
I just got home from our 3-hour jiu-jitsu session tonight.

As usual we did our warm-ups on our own, I didn't get nearly as much as with the 1st night because I had work today 8-hours...yea right?
The instructor was technique happy tonight, I loved working on specific technique drills for repetition.

We ended up working on 3-techniques:

1: Armbar from..."hell I don't know.." you start with your knees against their ass I guess? then when the guy puts a hand up against your chest you take the arm bar"

(I can hardly explain this any better than I have)

I Really enjoyed learning the armbar submission, I had no trouble going through 30-technique rolls. I must be in vastly better shape than the partner I was working with. He had trouble once he hit 10.

2: we worked on a sweep of sorts where you are on the bottom, my left forearm went under his right arm then it drove into his neck and upwards.

From there you drop your right hand to the floating-ribs or hips can't be certain right now, then you do a gable-lock. Once you crank the gable-lock on the guy you thrust with your left foot and roll the guy.

I was doing sloppy for the first 4-5 then the 6th one I slammed the guy through the sweep! That definitely felt great. This is a nice thing to know, but I am going to be up in the air until my left foot can generate enough power to drive the guy through the sweep.

3: we tried some sort of sweep escape, I did so poor on this I am not even sure how to describe what you were supposed to do...

4: We did a sweep from the leg triangle on the neck, the defender shoved his knee into your ribs to finish the move...sadly this is all I remember about this technique. It was a little fussy trying to pull it off.
Right after this we went into live-rolls.

I was paired with a kid roughly my same height and 30-40 pounds lighter. I lasted roughly a minute during our first roll, before he subbed me with some sort of knee lock with my heel coming backwards, sorta like the quad-stretch. I was attacked on my left side, which is the side that I had issues with my knee and Illiotibal Band. Once I felt the submission I had to tap fast...I felt like crap but it hurt like no other. Afterwords for several minutes I could barely stand I was limping so badly.

I rolled with the kid again and got subbed once more, for some stupid reason my right hand got trapped in one of his leg-hooks. I can't be certain but he more than likely got me in a guillotine.
I rolled with an older wrestler next, I was viciously looking for the standing guillotine that I worked so beautifully on my first night. The only issue was he tucked his chin in too close to his chest. I ended up having 4 failed attempts to start the submission before he ended up scoring a take-down which ended up putting me in the guillotine.
I rolled with the wrestler who jacked up my jaw with a misplaced guillotine next. I very nearly subbed the little pissed that I didn't. I am not even sure how I initiated the one-handed left-guillotine, I am guessing we were at a north-south position on our backs? I knew he was slowing down and tried to grab my left fist to seal the deal but was unable to. Some time after I was swept and put in the guillotine.
For my final roll I rolled with the boxer twice, I stood no chance against the boxer. By this time I was still in perfect shape with my cardio at a full tank. I find that I tire so much quicker trying to throw strikes than when I am in a jujitsu-war. The kid was extremely aggressive and scored a very easy takedown, and went on to sub me with the guillotine.

During the 2nd one during the final roll, we pawed for ages at least it seemed that way. He gained control of my left wrist and hauled me to him then swept my ass to the mats, where he subbed me with the what? Oh ya Guillotine...the favorite submission move in the gym haha.
After the rolling was done we did the punch-cross push up drill again. I wanted to best my 8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 burnout and came to near failure at 2 this time instead of 4. That is a large improvement in one week I feel.

I felt like crap moments after I finished, and dashed to the sinks, I felt like I was going to puke. We had no bottled water tonight so I just cupped my hands and gulped down 15 hand fulls.

I hope I can lift some 40-pounds tomorrow haha... After the 1st night I could barely move during work.

"I hope you guys are enjoying my long and drawn out descriptions." "please feel free to provide insight if you can."

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