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ever have one of those days where it feels like the whole world is against ya? sigh...... ahwell i gonna go down on this bag of oreo's and drink till i cant feel feelings i guess and hope good ole Johnny Knoxville and crew can brighten me up with their antics from Jackass 3D.

but yeah update on Rift and Trion, so they finally got back to me after they fixed their screw up and basically said "yeah sorry that we sucked, but hey here are some codes for ingame items that ultimatly are just gonna take up pack space and serve no major purpose. hope we be good now dawg!" course im paraphrasing. To wich i said no i do not find that satisfactory, as i even got friends to play with me, and they were able to enjoy this game while i could not play on the openeing weekend, and am seriously considering trying to return my Collectors Edition to Amazon and get a refund and just cancel my account. to which they replied "yeah that would suck, we want your money and hope you dont do that." .......... sigh....... so one last message to them saying i wanna be escalated to a manager or supervisor and see what that gets me. and im not asking for like a free lifetime membership or even a free extra month, just something for my time thats not worthless. if they come back and say ok heres a credit for 5 days of the time you were unable to play.... ok fine, now im better.. im still pissed and wonder how well they are gonna be able to handle any other problems that will crop up, since my problem started March 1 and was fixed on march 7th.......

anyway theres my rant. off to destroy my body and life even further. have fun folks

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R.I.P. Evan Tanner, you will be missed....

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