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Neck Triangle (leg)

I have a question guys, I just started jiu-jitsu...literally haha.

Today was my 2nd night. While we worked on a sweep or defense to the choke, I was working on getting the choke set-up correctly and there was a sharp pain my right shin which was under my left-leg. (I had my left leg securing the choke by wrapping the underside of the knee around my right-ankle.)

Sorry if this extremely detailed and mundane, but I don't know much about the terminology as how to describe the moves in any easier way right now.

How do you deal with the pain I experienced? I had to pop out of the choke way too early and was left wide open for the final part of the "defense" to the choke which is a dropping-knee to the ribs.

Thank-you for any help that you can give.

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