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The one thing I find that helps me after an exhausting day in the gym or an 8-hour day is to draw up a bath.

This may sound like a wive's tale but it seriously helps.

For me it takes 20-30 minutes before the tub is completely full,I'll run cool water for 2-5 minutes so it is bearable to sit in.

Once and awhile I will have some dish-rags or cloth to wipe off the sweat that pours off of me. It'll take 5-10 minutes before you will be dripping with sweat from your chest,head,arms,neck,shoulders.

I like to put a board over the tub and take a book in and read for 20-25 minutes while I'm in what I like to call my "sauna-bath"

It is comparable to sitting in a regular sauna. The loss of water will drain your energy to a degree, but it is very therapeutic for me to soak off the pain in warm water.

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