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MMA Forum's most unjust victims??

Okay, so let me say first I thought this was best suited for the smack talk section because I could see things getting... "interesting?". Let me also say I love MMAforum, I've been around for years and I'm a lifetime member with very positive reputation as you can see.

Having said all that, there is no doubt that MMAforum like every other MMA forum online has a lot of negative and very biased people condemning a lot of fighters on a regular basis... most of which do not deserve it. My question is, in your opinion... who are the top five most disrespected fighers on this forum that really don't deserve the hate they get.

For me, it reads like this:

1. Anderson Silva
There is no doubt the man has had some strange outings in the octagon. However, it seems none of the blame ever falls on the opisition's shoulders, just the Spider's. He is the greatest fighter of our generation and I find it sad how many people don't appreciate that they get to see him fight live, knowing that so many others will only be able to look his fights up many years down the road and never experience what it was like in person, or live on TV.

2. Rashad Evans
Has a pretty impressive list of victims under his belt, and for some reason still seems to be considered second rate by a vast majority on this forum.

3. Brock Lesnar
Whether you respect or dispise the mans origins as far as fame goes. Every fight he has been in has been very exciting, and has pretty much made the pay per view in which it was featured. He is a world class natural athlete, and regardless of why he got such a quick title shot he made the best of it and defended it twice.

4. Jon Jones
The kid is incredible, we know it, the press knows it, the UFC knows... and you know what?? he knows it!!

5. Mike Bisping
Is he a top ten pound for pound? No, but he brings it every fight... he's usually very entertaining... and while he can be emotional, he truly loves the sport.

So those are mine... we're in smack talk here so feel free to blast me, or agree... what's your group?
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