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Originally Posted by kyle1
This was at one point an excellent forum, now it has turned into just another sherdog flame zone. Ban all accounts made in 07 and we MIGHT be ok.

Every 06 person uses some common sense, every 07 person just flames EVERYTHING.
good thing i made this acc in 06 ^_^
anyways yea alot of flammers in that thread. Maybe mods need to be stricter and enforce the rules even more?

I also have a suggestion/idea. People will only be allowed to dl videos or even see that section if they have a certain number of reps. Note, the people with over the certain ammount of reps will be reviewed to see how many posts that made and checked to see if they were repped by other people or just themselves. Or make it so that. 30 days of inactivity for 1 psoters will be deleted. and the reps they gave people will be removed. This will cause and lead to the demand in moderators tho.

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