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Originally Posted by Toxic View Post
Maybe if Anderson didn't disrespect the fans every other fight we as fans wouldn't show him so much disrespect. (He does get some points for begining to speak for himself instead of through Ed)

Michael Bisping is giant egotistical douche bag and a horrible human being who I am sure we would all hate if he was a plumber. He is just a waste of sperm, a load that should have been swallowed.
I have a lot of respect for you Toxic but you're math is pretty off on that every other fight stance. The only case I can honestly see anyone making against Anderson is the Maia fight... that was crap, I agree.

But lets look at the others.
First of all, I thought Cote was actually a good fight, and if you watch it. Anderson hit Cote with shots that normally he KOs guys with. It's not his fault that Cote's head is made of granite. I have watched that fight several times... and other than Cote being a tough SOB, I don't quite see what Anderson did wrong.

How about Leites... please... everytime Anderson made a move towards him he collapsed like a sack of potatoes. Hell even the times he attempted to grapple Leites just folded and covered up, and the grappling was suppose to be where he had the best shot to win. I don't think you can fault a guy for not fighting when his opponent refused to fight him.

So in response to your, every other, comment... I only see one case... and I don't see any valid points otherwise.

Also with a couple of the other suggestions, I completely agree with Jon Fitch and GSP.

... and I actually think Bisping is a good person, just a little immature and emotional. Maybe the guy would be a little nicer if he didn't get so much shit from the MMA community.
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