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Originally Posted by Uchi
You go out with your friends, you come backa nd find your family dead. You try and call your relatives but they've been killed too.

What do you do?
Find the SOB, stab tooth picks through each of his eye balls.....push his head down until it his mouth touches his balls then pull out every tooth in his mouth with plyers and bite off both ears (tyson style). Kick him in the balls a thousand times and power **** him into submision.

Next...You go out to the pet store to buy some carrots for your rabbit...but when you get back your rabbit "stinky", is found decapitated with a message saying your guinea pig "oswaldo-borus-hugo the third" is next. what do you do?

Mac Danzig and his bird feeder once visited the Virgin Islands. They are now The Islands.
Mac Danzig can kill two fighters with one bird feeder.
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