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Gym: Day Three

Hey guys, just got home from a long brutal night.

You all will laugh your asses off for my stupidity tonight...I didn't realize we were going for a jog to a nearby track, and came in crocks because it was a pain having to untie my shoes haha!
So to start the night off we did a quick-paced 4-6 block jog to the track. Once we arrived we did our stretching, and a quick-jog for a mile on the track.
After warming up fully, we dived straight into my instructor's style of conditioning:
Three-minute rounds of doing Tractor-tire "standing presses" like a standing bench-press, pull-ups on the had to do pull-ups until you couldn't and if you wanted a rest you did push-ups. There was a 10-pound sledgehammer for hammer fly's, then there was a car-tire that we had to toss over our heads backwards, to finish the circuit we did this thing with the tractor tire where it starts on the ground and you do a front-squat with your hands under it and upend it to your partner.

I ended up doing two rounds on the 1st exercise, one on the pull-ups, one on the sledgehammer, two on the car-tire toss, and one on the squat-upend thing.

I had never done any of these exercises, so I was on the verge of complete muscle failure by the time I was done with the instructor's circuit.
After we got through with his circuit he had us do 20 or 30 100-yard sprints..."damn I hate sprinting" I didn't do too horrendous, on 6 or 8 of the runs I came in 3rd.

Once the sprints were completed the conditioning portion of the night was done, it lasted about 90-minutes.
After this I rode back to the gym with two of my team-mates in his van.

Upon arrival we dove into a mini-competition, "king of the hill" style. I was slotted to go in 2nd. This was good, because I was able to study my opponent for a few moments.

I haven't been un-nerved like I was when I faced him tonight, everyone else in the gym when it comes to rolling seizes the initiative or I do.

The guy was just as calm as he could be...I was saying in my mind "make a move damn-u" finally I had enough of waiting around, and went for a head-lock of sorts...not the guillotine choke. I was unable to haul him to the mats, but he did the job for me. When we went to the mats the head-lock was still in place, we moved around for a bit...I had it in place with my left hand which was awkward for me...but what the hell. "I am known in the gym for my zeal when it comes the chokes, if I latch on...(in my instructor's words "watch out mike if he gets you in a choke he'll ride you with a vice-grip around your throat."

So I was trying to form a gable-lock with my right-hand on the left, but ended up only being able to grab the back of the left-wrist and tried to sink the choke further. I wasn't successful, for some reason the guy wouldn't tap and found a good position ands subbed me somehow.
After the mini tourney was done we went into free-rolling for practice.

I went up against my boxer friend to start, we rolled around for a bit not gaining any edge over each other. Somehow we landed up in good positions to attack each other with a heel-hook submission. I was on my stomach as was he, I could see the guy who I lost to in the tourney right in front of me. He was yelling at me to grab hold of my opponent's toes and yank them down and towards me.

I tried to do this but his foot slipped out, and inevitably he gained the rear-naked choke on me.
After this roll I went with a very light wrestler, we did something that I haven't dealt with since joining the gym. We grappled for ages it seemed. I was fishing around for the guillotine, "my favorite submission I guess". I am unsure how this roll ended, but I know he subbed me.

the instructor waved us on once more, for another roll together. I faired a bit better this time with the guy, but he had taken my back and was on top of me..while I was in a hands & knees position. I heard everyone yelling me to sweep or reverse the bastard. I ended up gaining 3 sweeps from where I was, not into a favorable position though.

After sweeping those several times he regained his posture on me and drove my face into the mat several times, I could feel blood coming out of my nose. After this I got a little dizzy and let my guard down for that bloody-split second which was all it took for him to find the armbar on me.
After rolling with him I went up against the boxer once more. We pawed each other for a long-time. then I thought I'd try for a takedown..."I thought why the hell not, the worst thing that could happen is I get subbed haha.." So I shot in for a double-leg I guess...I had my left foot fronted, and my right knee hit the mat, I figured since I do lunges a lot why not try to do a lunging attack to snare his legs with my hands. This was a fruitful thought actually, I snared the rear of his kneecaps and started to drive him back. The only issue was the fact I had no explosive power at this time. I may have done him in if I had power at the time, who knows.

From here he hauled me to the ground somehow not sure...sorry. I remembered him yelling at me on my last day at the gym about pulling guard with my legs I guess if that's what you call it. I wrapped my legs around his body from the bottom and locked on. For a little while we played around in this spot, neither gaining any advantage.

I have seen people catch punches from the bottom and attack with a armbar, but I haven't had instruction on this....I could have had about a dozen opportunity to initiate that attack on the kid... Eventually he took my back and got both hooks in and pulled a rear-naked choke on me.
This was the last I did for the night, all-in-all I have to comment that this night was extremely satisfying.

I see where my shortfalls are, and I could give a damn as to how painful it will be to secure these instabilities. I now know that I am going to ask for instruction on how to attack with the heel-hook and the base-guard armbar.

I enjoy the armbar, just let the older wrestler tell ya guys...I was flying through that technique... and enjoyed every second of it. I feel if I can learn how to use the top-postured and bottom postured armbar along with the heel-hook. I may have a fairly devastating arsenal of submissions for someone so young in the gym.

Later on after the tourney was done I hit up the guy who I nearly subbed via head-lock, I asked him how I did. He says "he was definitely uncomfortable, and if I had applied just a little more pressure I would have tapped."

This was a huge boon for me, due to the fact this guy is a seasoned veteran of 10-years of fighting with 30-36 fights under his belt.

I will be paying for my gym and team membership fees tommorow. My instructor asked me to shoot a text to him when I got home. I did and he calls me right back.

The man is 31 to 33, I have never realized how sincere of a man he was until we had a 30-40 minute chat over the phone.

He was telling me how he was extremely impressed with how I did tonight, he asks me what I had the most trouble with, and asks me how I am doing in general for my health.

I hardly know about combat-trainers but I feel this is a very good trait in one. He and I discussed how I am doing with technique and power...He told me a good bio of the elder-wrestler on the team "roughly same age or the same as the instructor".

He was wanting me to come back for another conditioning day on saturday, and mentioned there is a fight-night the team is participating in on the 25th of this month, with 2 of our fighters going to WAR! We have a 135 or 140 pounder going in to the night. The second kid is only 18 years old and he's making his debut night in the CAGE!

The instructor told me, if I can get tickets I'll have a spot in the van on the trip up to the fight-night....I am going to ask my produce boss if I can have this off.

I think this would be utterly fantastic to see two of my brothers go to war!

Throughout life there are bumps along the way some may be painful...others not...who gives a damn in the end you'll still die
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