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Originally Posted by guy incognito View Post
This is the dumbest shit.

There was no one for shogun to fight but Jones, do you want shogun to spend even more time outside of the cage?

It was the same thing with diaz/cyborg. there was no one else and not to mention these guys need to make money which boggles my mind how people completely ignore that.
The funny thing is i feel the same way every time i read one of your posts

My point is Evans should be facing Rua but he is injured and the gripe i have is , if Bader had won would he have been offered a title fight which i dont think he would , so they fast tracked Jones to a shot at the first chance they got.

Evans is only going to be out for 6 weeks without training then a 2 month training camp and he is back thats what should have happened.

But again im going to get another response about how im dumb blah blah. The hilarious thing is i bet you will be one of the first people complaining about Rua coming off Knee surgery if he loses.

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