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Originally Posted by jhizzy View Post
my post was in context to another poster who said that silva walks into the ring at 205 lbs. I provided a link that strongly suggests that he doesn't.

so hmmmmmm....

make sense?!
This post:

Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
On fight night, I would wager Silva weighs about 205. Theres no way Silva walks around at 195 a month before the fight.
You trying to make a point, makes sense.
But i'm affraid you are wrong.

When Silva is fighting at MW, he is arround 200-205 lbs on fight night.
Soojooko was pretty right.
Just like GSP is arround 185-187 on fight night.
Fighters bulk up extremely fast after their weigh ins.
Thiago Alves for example was at arround 195 lbs when he fought GSP.
Forrest Griffin was at arround 220-225 on fight night against Franklin.

You saying Silva was 192 lbs before getting on the airplane before the Maia fight - i agree. But he was training hard and in the process of cutting the last pounds before the fight and the weigh ins.
Ptofesional fighters don't usually leave the hard part of cutting the last lbs, for the week in wich the fight takes place. It's easier this way and it's better for their body to get used to the new weight after carrying all the extra weight the weeks before the cutting took place.

Makes more sense now?!



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