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Originally Posted by Sambo de Amigo View Post
Typical Bias fan response. For a start im not a fan of either and i have issues with both. So to begin with you say
Anderson has "proven his worth outside his natural weight" well i disagree , beating Forrest who may weigh more but has the same reach as is 1 inch taller isnt giving away to much i may add and given that he was KO'ed the fight earlier and KO'ed a few fights earlier by Keith Jardine suggests that he was a great fight for Anderson. His first fight was Irvin who was cut and has lost 4 of his last 6 with 1 draw and 1 win great opponent . When people say GSP could Bulk up to 185 it makes me laugh every time , how do you know he could ? are you his trainer are you his nutritionist ? no so you're again assuming. Anderson is a big MW and GSP is WW but GSP at MW is smaller guy.

Answer me honestly do you really think Anderson would actually make the cut to 170 ? because i dont and even if he did and he lost i know the excuses would come out i.e he was weight drained or GSP is a ***** he should have moved up so like i said catch weight or GTFO.

If Edgar was good as he says he is he should move up in and weight and have no problem , thats your logic see how stupid it is.

To sum up you like Silva more so you will defend him to the hilt but your bias blinds you from the truth that is one way or another one guys gets a disadvantage if one moves up or down and i dont like that with so much on the line.

But if it helps you sleep at night keep thinking the way you do.
Edgar basically DID move up to fight at a weight higher than he should, and that's one of the reasons why he's so badass and respected lately.

Nobody would have blamed him if he lost and dropped down to 145.

You say you are not a fan of either, but it seems like you are defending the GSP a little.

McKeever nailed it. This is an extremely rare opportunity as a fight fan to watch the without a doubt two p4p champs go at it.

What's unfortunate is someones fans are going to be extremely sad when their fighter loses but... it would be worth it!

Nobody thinks GSP and Andy are the same size. Anderson clearly has a slight size advantage. But it's not THAT big. I bet GSP could squat more than Andy.

This fight would be without question the biggest match in UFC history to date and should happen if GSP can beat a tough Jake Shields.
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