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Originally Posted by evzbc View Post
Edgar basically DID move up to fight at a weight higher than he should, and that's one of the reasons why he's so badass and respected lately.

Edgar didnt move up though its not the same , he has been at LW his whole career now you're asking GSP to move up to a new weight to fight a guy who looks comfortable in the weight above that...............

Nobody would have blamed him if he lost and dropped down to 145.

You say you are not a fan of either, but it seems like you are defending the GSP a little.

This isnt the case , but it may seem that way because the only ones pushing for the fight are Silva fans so i have argue with them alot more.

McKeever nailed it. This is an extremely rare opportunity as a fight fan to watch the without a doubt two p4p champs go at it.

What's unfortunate is someones fans are going to be extremely sad when their fighter loses but... it would be worth it!

Nobody thinks GSP and Andy are the same size. Anderson clearly has a slight size advantage. But it's not THAT big. I bet GSP could squat more than Andy.

This fight would be without question the biggest match in UFC history to date and should happen if GSP can beat a tough Jake Shields.
GSP and Silva should meet in the middle or i dont want to see one guy get an unfair advantage.

Can you imagine if GSP moves and gets KO'ed the repercussions from Silva fans , or if Silva moves down and gasses , there is too much at risk to give edges away so catch weight or nothing i say we dont need a belt because who wins is the champ.

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