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Send 5 UFC guys to Strikeforce

The one thing that Dana said today that people should really pay attention to is when fighters contracts are up they can go to Strikeforce. For most this may seem like a demotion but this could be a great thing for several types of fighters.

- Guys who have spent years fighting on the prelims but for what ever reason can't main event.

- Guys with one or two more years left in them who can still main event or win titles.

- Guys who can't fight for the titles because of failed shots, teammates, uneven records.

Heavyweight - Randy Couture - Randy has as a strange contract where I believe he can walk away any time he wants. Couture has always wanted to face Fedor and now he might have the best and last chance.

Light Heavyweight - Alexander Gustafsson - a fighter stuck in prelim hell the kid has all the tools to be a champion or a top ten ranked opponent, his problem...he's the fourth best prospect behind three big guys (Jones, Davis, Bader). In the UFC he'll have to wait another year or two to even get a top ten opponent, in Strikeforce he could be champion.

Middleweight - Wanderlei Silva - Wanderlei is never going to fight for a title in the UFC again, but he's looked great at MW and he could step right in bypass the entire division and fight for the title and no one would say an ill word about it.

Welterweight - Josh Koscheck - The most hated man in MMA has gone through the entire division with mixed results. He'll never fight for the title again nor will he ever be considered more than a fringe top ten fighter...unless he moves to Strikeforce. In Strikeforce he can face a number of top contenders and a number of main event fights. Who knows maybe he can even have a back and forth rivalry with Nick Diaz that could establish Strikeforce as a brand.

Light Weight - Danny Castillo - Castillo has the tools to be a top fighter or contender but the UFC LW division is so stacked and at his age he'll never get the momentum needed to be a top guy a move to strikeforce gives him some interesting match ups and might be able to make an impact or name for himself.
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