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Originally Posted by xRoxaz View Post
HW - Shane, Ben, Frank, Cro Cop, Schaub

LHW - Rashad (thats right), randy, Rich Franklin

MW - Yushin, Nate, Akiyama, Wanderlei, Bisping

WW - Anthony, Dan Hardy

LW - Siver, Maynard, Bendo, Soti
Shane and Schuab i say no because they are still relevant in the UFC Mix.

Rashad no.

In MW you basically sent most of the top 10 ? not a good idea.

WW yea i can agree on them 2.

LW you want to send the 1# contender the next 1# contender and a top 5 UFC LW along with an ex WEC champion ? why not just send Edgar Aldo and Penn aswell.

If they are sending guys , send legends , irrelevant fighters or prospects like Rory Mcdonald not top guys or contenders.

Bisping Fan extraordinaire

Velasquez will be back

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