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Originally Posted by osmium View Post
Kampmann is a vastly superior grappler to Diaz especially in the clinch standing and is much larger. Nate should be at 155 and Kampmann was a top 10 quality fighter at 185 if they fought Nate would be destroyed within a few minutes. StunGun would have a ton of trouble taking him down and get wrecked standing. It is a terrible matchup for him because Kampmann can nullify basically all of his strengths.
I read an interview somewhere of Kims where he talks about training with Kapmann in America and he politely implies he was beating his ass in sparring.

so I can guarantee this fight would be much much closer than you think.

i remember he was also asked who he thought would win the Shield vs Kapmann fight and he was leaning towards Shields because Kapmanns wrestling wasn't that good.

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