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Originally Posted by Sambo de Amigo View Post
All im seeing is posts like

" you dont train "

" His gym looks like this "

so guys tell me how many fights have you had..........

How many times have you trained in a gym.............

and i can safely say you have done non of the above YET i have.........................

and these MMA guys are freaks of nature if they prefer to punches with intent than have a 5 mile jog up a hill.

I don’t train. I quit at age 43 because chronic neck and shoulder injuries were preventing me from working. Before that I trained for 5 years.

When I trained we had Friday night sparring every week. There was no distinction between size or skill level, if you showed up you fought whoever needed a partner.

The first time I went to spar, as I was getting ready I watched a guy who was about 6-3 and 250lbs sparring with a much smaller and less skilled partner. The little guy kept ducking in an awkward way and the big guy kept telling him “don’t duck you’ll get kicked in the head”. After a few more times, he kicked him in the head and knocked him out for a long time. As they were trying to wake him, the head coach came in and started to give the big guy a hard time. “You didn't need to hit him that hard”. “ I didn’t coach I kicked him”. “You kicked him in the head”? “Yes sir” “AWSOME!! your kicks are really improving!!”

Then to me - “ get your ass in ther the big guy needs a partner.”

I was scared shitless but, I didn’t duck once.

While I was training I got KO’d 3 times. Twice by the same 6’-5” 210lb (skinny as a stick) 21 year old monster. First time by a RHK that I blocked with perfect technique. the 2nd by a straight right when I was rushing in to avoid that dreaded kick.

We had a lot of visits from real fighters and I’m pretty sure we trained like they did.

I’ve had 40+ fights but, none with a referee or a camera.

I don’t expect y’all to believe a word. I’m just a troll.

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