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There's really no reason to disband women's MMA. White has said that the only reason there's no women's MMA in the UFC right now, is the lack of high level talent, per weightclass. Overall, there's a decent talent pool, but, there's not a big number of high level competitors in each weight class.

However, I can go on Youtube and link dozens of videos of women competiting in MMA. Which means that its an innevitability that more high level female competitors will come to light over the next 3-5 years. Especially when you can put women's MMA and the UFC in the same sentence.

I expect that in 3-5 years the women's MMA landscape would look similar to the HW division's landscape. A handful of seriously skilled and wellrounded competitors, a bulk group of meh quality ponies, and a bunch of cans.

This however is comparing an entire segment of the sport to one division. My personal opinion: Lose 145, leave 135 (WW) and add 125 (LW). These weight classes cater to a larger group of competitors, hate to suggest to screw Cyborg, but Carano and Coenen fought her at nearly their walking weight. That change can add significantly to the likelihood of a deeper talent pool. Which is what White wants.

Look at the UFC's history. They closed down divisions because of a lack of talent. Zuffa did the same with the WEC, closing their LHW, MW, and WW divisions. I think a change in division is a much more intelligent option than throwing women's MMA out.

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