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Originally Posted by keno5366
I guess this is a bad time to join, I dont want to be grouped with the "retards" from 07. lol
It stinks that people in 07 have earned that title from respected members but the fact of the matter is they have earned it fair and square. If I didn't want to be apart of the rep I would be as polite as possible and no one will think you are bad. I don't mean that you should have to have a bible verse in your sig or anything but your 12th post isn't the time to assert yourself here or to "shutem down open up shop" as the cool kids say.

That being said, it is real easy for me to ignore people and I still love looking at this forum in between class...and **** it, sometimes during class so yeah....don't hire me as your lawyer in two years...unless your claim involves a certain 185lb champion, a muy thai clench with knees, and a funny lil dance by said champion while you are unconscious.

A groan of tedium escapes me...
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