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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Watching that clip, I'm starting to get the feeling that Bones is getting over confident. He refers to himself as some kind of prototype. As does the hype behind him. I mean, he is very impressive. He may go on to actually crush Rua. Who knows? But, if he loses, I'm not quite sure how he'll handle it when he looks back at all the confident talk. Remember how BJ Penn completely changed after the second GSP fight? The dude never spoke about himself in the same way again.

His last line about "being a breath of fresh air that he cant handle". The look in his eye was mighty smug. If he turns out to be an unbeatable monster... then it'll all make sense! Hell, I'll enjoy it every step of the way! But if not? He better hope he has the mental tools to deal with it.
Yeah I tend to agree. I do however always remember that Bones is just trying to hype the fight, so not gona shoot him down for that, but it does seem like he's over confident has believes his own hype as much as anyone else.

I think he's in for a shocking ass whoopin. The good thing for him and his coaches is they can put it down to what realistically is the case - he's too inexperienced and technically weak to beat Shogun, the title shot came too early and he has years to improve. Once they realise that his athleticism and unorthodox style will only be enough against mid tiers, they will know the hard work is still to come. Guys like Shogun will light Bones up.

Honestly I think wherever this fight goes Shogun is going to show what being the best 205'er really means. When the skill level gets to a certain height, and I made this point in another thread, athleticism is squashed unless it's backed up with a similar level of skill. Check Rumble, Lesnar and so on. These guys can make a mid tier look like a small child but once they get in there with a Kos or a Cain, they get exposed.

Even if Bones takes Shogun down which he'll try desperately to do when Shogun goes berserker on him, he'll be having subs and sweeps coming from all over and I bet he'll get dominated on the ground too. If he takes Shogun down and Shogun sweeps him, he'll get finished by GnP. What's he going to be like off HIS back? Man, the Bones hype train is going to derail so bad, people never learn.

Bones isn't ready for this, I just hope for his sake he can deal with an ass whoopin and move on.
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