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Originally Posted by Soojooko View Post
Watching that clip, I'm starting to get the feeling that Bones is getting over confident. He refers to himself as some kind of prototype. As does the hype behind him. I mean, he is very impressive. He may go on to actually crush Rua. Who knows? But, if he loses, I'm not quite sure how he'll handle it when he looks back at all the confident talk. Remember how BJ Penn completely changed after the second GSP fight? The dude never spoke about himself in the same way again.

His last line about "being a breath of fresh air that he cant handle". The look in his eye was mighty smug. If he turns out to be an unbeatable monster... then it'll all make sense! Hell, I'll enjoy it every step of the way! But if not? He better hope he has the mental tools to deal with it.
As a big Jon Jones fans i can only speculate on what he said and why he said it. And for that matter, we all can only speculate.

I know he has a lot of respect for Shogun, who he reffered to as one of the best fighters in the world, so i dont think there is a problem in that department.

He sounds like a very very confident man. I don't know if it's "too confident", because he said something like this before fighting Bader and he backed it up.
Even though Shogun is 5 levels above Bader in terms of talent and skills.

I think Jones trully believes he can win the belt. I think it's a great attitude. The reality is - he has nothing to lose, if he doesn't win the belt. .

The people who doubt him now, will doubt him even more and say: "told you so" or "i knew it".
And his fans, like yours trully , will still back him up.

At 23, he is still very young in this sport. And yet, here he is, 4 years after becoming a MMA fighter, fighting for the LHW title against a living legend - why wouldn't you be confident?!
There is a saying: "doubt is the cause of failure". There is no room for doubt before a fight like this.

Imo, there is a very psychological and meditative side to Jones. In his intrviews, in his fights, the stare down at the weigh-ins - stuff like that. It's how he "operates".

And something else: this was shot for the fight preview. I don't think fighters are encouraged to say something like: "maybe i will win" or "i will give my best and see what happens". It's better to have a guy say something like: "i will beat him" and other stuff, especially the challenger.

Annyway, looking forward to this fight.
I think Jones is gonna be the LHW champ, by Saturday night!

PS: my one year old sig prediction will become true



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