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Originally Posted by limba View Post
As a big Jon Jones fans i can only speculate on what he said and why he said it. And for that matter, we all can only speculate.

I know he has a lot of respect for Shogun, who he reffered to as one of the best fighters in the world, so i dont think there is a problem in that department.

He sounds like a very very confident man. I don't know if it's "too confident", because he said something like this before fighting Bader and he backed it up.
Even though Shogun is 5 levels above Bader in terms of talent and skills.

I think Jones trully believes he can win the belt. I think it's a great attitude. The reality is - he has nothing to lose, if he doesn't win the belt. .

The people who doubt him now, will doubt him even more and say: "told you so" or "i knew it".
And his fans, like yours trully , will still back him up.

At 23, he is still very young in this sport. And yet, here he is, 4 years after becoming a MMA fighter, fighting for the LHW title against a living legend - why wouldn't you be confident?!
There is a saying: "doubt is the cause of failure". There is no room for doubt before a fight like this.

Imo, there is a very psychological and meditative side to Jones. In his intrviews, in his fights, the stare down at the weigh-ins - stuff like that. It's how he "operates".

And something else: this was shot for the fight preview. I don't think fighters are encouraged to say something like: "maybe i will win" or "i will give my best and see what happens". It's better to have a guy say something like: "i will beat him" and other stuff, especially the challenger.

Annyway, looking forward to this fight.
I think Jones is gonna be the LHW champ, by Saturday night!

PS: my one year old sig prediction will become true
Of course he thinks he will win. Every fighter does. Ive got no problems with his predictions. I'm just saying that I saw a little smug glint in his eye that I've never seen before. Its probably nothing. I dont know. The thing I'm mainly questioning is how he will take a loss if that happens. I suspect it'll probably do him nothing but good.

Saturdays fight is one of those where I really dont have any real favourite. When I think about every possible outcome, I'm never disappointed! It's gonna be a great fight.
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