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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
Haha limba's the most tame nuthugger ever, he embraces the challenge of Shogun fans
I will take that as a compliment!

And, for the records, i don't consider myself a nuthugger.
For me, the definition of a nuthugger is someone who has a favorite and he thinks that certain person is the best ever, no matter what. And, no matter what you say to him, his favorite is the best. It's near impossible to use arguments and have a bice debate with him...because his eyes are covered by nuts. lol

I consider myself a fan. A big Jon Jones fan, because i watched him ever since his debut in the UFC, minus his first fight and i was surprised and impressed by his performances. For such a young fighter, with such a young career - he clearly has proven he is a very talented fighter. I think he came an extremely long way since his debut.
No doubt, he will have his toughest fight this saturday.

I'm a rational person, i like using logic and arguments.
Maybe i understand why you would consider me "tame"...LOL again.

I am a fan of Shogun also. Of course, not at the same level as being a Jones fan, but i consider Shogun my second favorite LHW, as weird as it sounds. When i first started watching MMA, Pride was more accessible for me. And Shogun was one of the best, so, seeing him fight it was hard not to be impressed by him. He was a MONSTER!
Any MMA fan should be a fan of his: he is one of the most exciting and talented MMA fighters in the world ever. His fights are a proof of that. You can't say anything bad about the guy. He is a a role model for the young generation, in the cage and outside of it.

But, li'ke i've said, i am supporting Jones in this fight. I really think he can win this fight. He has the necessary tools to beat Shogun and nobody can deny this. It's all up to him.
I believe Jones will be one of the best MMA fighters in the years to come.

As far as the: "i told you so" and "i knew it" guys, who will pop-up after the fight, it makes me laugh. Not my type.

In the end, my advice is: enjoy the fight!



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