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Originally Posted by elcagadero View Post
First, please excuse my english, Im from Bogota, Colombia, so enlgish is a second languaje to me.
To the issue:
Anyone heard of use of herbalife products in a MMA "diet"? Ive heard many other sports enthusiast talk about it (soccer players mostly) but since MMA has some big differences with soccer I wanted to consult here first before starting any crazy diet with those products also since ive heard some bad stuff about them. I am considering this because everyone in my home consumes their products (actually they are also distributors) and have been trying to make me use them too. These herbalife products contain many things said to be good for MMA like B Complex, different proteins, guarana, aloe, and more.
Imagine your dream car; your in it driving along the coast, the suns out shining, and you see nothing but a flood of girls in bikinis checking you out. But then your car breaks down because you were putting in cheap gas.

That is what your body is like. You may be excersing to your full potential but if your body isnt getting the best nutrition you your self could be a badass car but with a failed engine becuase over the years you were filling up with cheap fuel.

Herbalife is more advanced in its products becuase its not just a meal supplement but cellular nutrition aimed at improveing your overall health as well as you could choose in where you want to excel. And id RECOMMEND you to try the Liftoff if you havent. I hated herbalife i was one that created stories saying herbalife kills and creates cancer. but that was from ignorance. once some one spiked my drink with a liftoff i fell in love with it and now i laugh at those who say anything bad about my Herbalife.
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