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I agree that experience is highly overrated on this forum.

Everyone always keeps claiming some guy "isn't ready" for the champ/top level even after a dozen fights and then get all worked up when their godlike legend gets his ass handed to him in the first round by a younger, faster, more evolved fighter with better technique.

People don't realize how fast experience starts to plateau and later even decline your skill level. It's not like some World of Warcraft where a guy who's been playing a couple of months more than you will keep on adding XP points, always be 10 levels ahead and kick your ass.

Fedor won the Pride HW belt at 27. GSP won the UFC WW belt at 25. Mike Tyson decimated the world's top boxers and became champ at age 20. BJ Penn won the world BJJ championship at age 20, Tito himself won the LHW belt at 25, Shogun won the MW GP at age 23, and Wanderlei won the PRIDE MW belt at 25 after maniacally stomping through dozens of the "experienced" fighters when he was aged 20-25.

If anything, the odds are stacked heavily against the experienced fighters with their years of injuries and higher probabilities of stagnation and unevolved skillsets. Guys like Anderson Silva are the exception, which is what makes him so great (I'll admit that in spite of my general dislike for his attitude)

Yeah a guy all wired up from being in his third pro fight might scare himself silly, get overeager, or gas himself out from the adrenaline dump, but after a few fights it's all about the skills and strengths, experience is overrated as far as MMA is concerned.
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