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Originally Posted by Hiro View Post
limba... i use the word nutthugger very loosely, you're just a huge Jones fan but in the nicest way possible... s'all good
I know man!
And i took it as a compliment the first time. Now?! Even more...

Originally Posted by ballers101 View Post
I don't agree with this comment, because you're assuming one thing, that the only factor is that if Jones fights his fight. Which is not the case at all, if Jones loses its not because he under performs its because Shogun is a better fighter plain and simple. Its not so simple to say if Jones fights his fight he wins and if he doesn't then he might still.
You can disagree with everything, it's ok.
But after reading your post 2-3 times i honestly have to say: you quoted the wrong post...or something like that.
The post you quoted wasn't about how the fight would go on and was a response to Hiro's post about me being a Jon Jones fan.

Originally Posted by ballers101 View Post
If Jones fights the best he possible can with his experience and talent than it is very well possible that Shogun can still win. The fact is that this fight can go either way, if Shogun fights at his best Jones might still win and if Jones fights at his best Shogun might still win.

I understand the words, the phrases, but the point you are trying to make can be very confusing.



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