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^^ I find the bastard who did it. I knock on his door, when he opens it i knock him unconcious and tie him to a chair. when he wakes up i bring his own pet rabbit into the room. I take a knife and stab the rabbit in the eye killing it instantly. While the man is grieving over his loss, i stick a used syringe down his p*nis. I let it sting for a while. After that i cut his p*enis off and shove it down his throat, i sew his mouth closed so that it is permanently stuck in there. I take a sledgehammer and smash each testicle, with the same sledgehammer i break his right knee, and break his left one using a knee bar. I rip off every single finger nail and stick needles under every toe nail. After this i take an HIV infested syringe and stick him with it, i have been torturing him for about an hour now so i get bored and finally decide to shoot him in the face. But i shoot him sideways so the bullet goes through his face but does not kill him. I let him bleed to death while making him watch Tim Sylvia vs jeff monson and Gabriel Gonzaga vs Kevin jordon. Both of these are extremely boring fights.

The crime scene for the next person: somebody killed your mother and your dog and you know who did it, what do you do?
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