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[QUOTE=HitOrGetHit;1380517]Totally... [/QUOUTE

GSP still needs to do something to even be considered p4p king beating chumps in 5round decisions doesnt cut it, hes defended his belt in Fitch fashion which is by far the weakest way to take a win lol maybe if GSP had some KOs or even TKOs i wouldn't hate but when your a champ that cant finish , in a combative sport it really says alot , GSP it isnt WUFC , take this last fight as no one will care about you after Silva flash KOs you . Your legacy will be drowned with grease as your nothing more then a cheater and a fake . YES I KNOW IT WASN'T AGAINST THE RULES TO GREASE BUT IF YOU CANT SEE THE VIDEO FOR WHAT IT WAS , EVIDENCE OF WRONG DOING then your allowing your fanboyism to make a decision for you rather then intuition.
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