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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
C'mon on now, I know fans are prisoners of the moment but you don't remember 4 fights ago when he took on Griffin right after Griffin lost the title. He then decided that he was to good of a friend to Machida to fight for the title. was 8 months or so....after Griffin had broken his hand against Rashad. ...sooo.... that's not really right after, eh? It was Griffin's next fight, true.... but that was Anderson's second fight at LHW in the UFC, no? Yes, I suppose you can say that he was fighting the ex-champ and all... but I never saw that as a LHW campaign from Anderson. I saw as more as Anderson being bored and looking for some challenge.

just my opinion of course.

"He's just a regular guy, just another guy, we both weigh the same......but he finds a way to win, and I admire it." - Chael Sonnen 07/07/12
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