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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
C'mon on now, I know fans are prisoners of the moment but you don't remember 4 fights ago when he took on Griffin right after Griffin lost the title. He then decided that he was to good of a friend to Machida to fight for the title.

Shields has beaten Okami, Miller, Lawler and Henderson, he also has the longest win streak(2,500 days) of anyone else on that list and if he beats GSP he's likely going to break Fedor's record of 3,500 days without a loss.

BJ was on the list because he held titles in both classes and was the only LW in consideration for the p4p list.

You also forgot Jon Fitch who's on the list.

As for fighters who didn't stick in weight classes that they were winning in IIRC Vera 8-2, Sanchez went 2-1, Belfort...5 or 6 and 1 before the catch weights and middleweight fights.
Sanchez got dismantled by the champ and moved back up. Vera moved down after getting tooled by Timmy and never went back to HW. Vitor switched divisions before fighting at Franklin weight he was already at MW and didn't change. None of those guys took one off fights at another division, won, and then moved back down aside from Vitor and I think that was just more of a circumstance of the times there is a reason people call 195 franklin weight.

There is a big difference in moving up from your regular division and winning and beating someone who is doing that. BJ weighs in at around 167 to fight at WW Forrest cuts a large amount of weight to make LHW so Andy gets more credit for that win than GSP does over BJ even if BJ is clearly a more talented fighter.
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