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Bisping vs. Shogun, with Pride rules. Watching Bisping get knocked out never gets old and Shogun has a ridiculously high percentage of TKO wins. Knockdown, flying stomp kick, soccer kicks, and it's all over!

Bisping vs. Wanderlei Silva, with Pride rules. Bisping claims he got robbed, well, here's his chance to prove he can beat Wandy. This time instead of a knockdown and near finish, we'll get to see Wanderlei use his stomps and soccer kicks on Bisping's face. Or hopefully Bisping will have his knees on the ground and forget that it's Pride rules and get drilled in the head with Wandy's knee, then stomped and soccer kicked until he's out cold.

Shogun vs. Randy Couture. Yeah, I know we should never count Randy out but I want to see Shogun become the first fighter to KO 3 hall of famers.

Chris Leben vs. Palhares. Leben flopping like a fish after Jake Rosholt choked him out was up there with the times he got knocked out by Silva and Stann. Paul Harris will have him flopping again or he'll rip an arm or leg right off. Either way it'll be awesome.

Rashad Evans vs. Cain. Machida putting Evans out cold was awesome, Cain packs a bigger punch which makes it even more awesome. Evans can't take him down and once Cain connects he's going to waste him even worse than Brock Lesnar.

GSP vs. Koscheck. Watching Kos get his face punched in never gets old. It's like watching Leben get KO'd, hours of endless entertainment.
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