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Originally Posted by evzbc View Post
Listen (<- my Dana White style of starting off)...

Nobody cared that BJ was cleary smaller than GSP when he fought him. BJ was a badass who wanted to beat the crap out of GSP. It was great. GSP whooped him because he was stronger than BJ, especially in the 2nd fight.

Yes Anderson is bigger than George, but do you really think that Anderson is stronger than GSP? I said this before and I still think it, I'd bet cash that GSP could squat way more than Andy...

Ok, so GSP is stronger and smaller, Andy is lankier and more elusive. It's a fantastic fight.

GSP has had no problem fighting lots of smaller guys in his day (Sherk / Hughes / BJ). It's because he's a champ and knows how to cut. Not necessarily his fault. But take a fight where you are the underdog for once... has anyone seriously thought in the last 6 years that George would ever lose against his opponents?? I haven't.

Has anyone ever been worried that Anderson would lose to Hendo, or when he moved up in weight? You bet!

GSP vs Anderson would be EPIC, admit it...
If Anderson can sling Franklin around like a rag doll in a muay thai clinch then it's very, very possible that Anderson is stronger than GSP.
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