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Originally Posted by John8204 View Post
The ones that looked at Yushin going for six take downs, getting the fight to the ground landing a few good shots, Anderson getting in trouble throwing a vastly illegal kick.

If Yushin kept it on the ground for the rest of the two minutes in the round he would have taken the round 10-9.

Unless you think the fight Anderson had with the ref when he pulled him off Okami was the dominating performance of the fight.

I know Okami was backing up and away for most of the fight, but aren't some of you the same ones who thought Kampmann beat Sanchez for doing the same thing?
What drugs are you on? Can I have some because planet normal is starting to bore me and wherever your head is I want to be there too

He went for about 6 takedowns and failed about 5 of them? If he had of held Silva down for the next 2 mins you really think he takes that round? The guy has shown you the video of the fight and you can't see past the hater shades Okami after a long break to recover was asked if he would like to continue, accounts state he was fine but choose to bitch out and take the DQ.

As for the whole Sanchez vs Kampmann comparison did you see Sanchez's face after the fight?
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