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Originally Posted by Mckeever View Post
Because there is no real competition or any real challenge for him at that weight class.
No competition? Jake Shields, Martin Kampmann, Diego Sanchez, Paulo Thiago, people are talking about a 2nd fight with Fitch as well. Heck, I have seen a number of people talking about a fight with Penn again. And as you said, there are always new up and comers and they will have plenty of time while GSP is fighting to make it through the ranks.

You look at a champion like Pacman, who has moved up through weight classes to further challenge himself and still destroy the competition. Look at his last fight with Margarito, the difference in size was staggering, he still put a clinic on him. BJ Penn, another champion who moved up in weight for the challenge and captured the gold at Welterweight.
I don't understand why GSP needs to do it just because others have. There are also plenty of champions who have stayed at their weeight classes.

Also, boxing has so many divisions, that they are quite shallow in talent when looking at a specific weight class. The UFC divisions are completely the opposite of this.

GSP talks about how he embraces the challenge, yet Anderson Silva is really his only true challenge and competition and he gives off all the signals that he wants no part of the fight. I just don't understand this.
He never said he didn't want the fight at all. He said if he is going up in weight, then that is where he is staying. I don't see how that can be taken as him saying he wants nothing to do with Silva.

it is so very rare in combat sports where you have the number one and number two pound for pound fighters separated by just one weight class. This is a once in a life time opportunity.
Right and don't get me wrong, I would LOVE for this fight to happen so much. BUT, us wanting the fight does not mean that GSP should revamp his career because of it.

If GSP defeats Shields in impressive fashion and he is still questioning challenging Anderson, then I really question his motives. After all, it wasnt long ago that he was considering competing in the Olympics for wrestling and giving up MMA.
Right, but that didn't happen so it is pretty irrelevant. Like I previously posted, if he beats Shields, there are still fights for him at WW.

I just don't see why either fighter wouldn't want to fight.
Neither has said they do not want to fight. GSP has just stated that if he did take it, then he isn;t going back to WW which means a complete career change.
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