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Originally Posted by HitOrGetHit View Post

yes don't get me wrong, I understand why boxing match making is so much harder than mma. The UFC have their fighters signed to central contracts and have the own championship belt to fight for in every division.

No rival organisations like the WBA/WBO only rival compaines which fighters would have to see out their UFC contract to move to. No fighters being tied up with conflicting tv compaines or any other arguments like purse splits and who wins the bidding rights to promote etc.

I do think however (like I said) mma as it has gained fame has also moved away from the old days of very active fighters who would be less concerned with the win/loss record and more with who they fight and how they fight.

I'm not saying GSP should move up if he feels he has unfinished business in his weight class, by all means stay there for another 3 years and continue to dominate.

I don't see how this conflicts with him fighting Anderson in a catchweight bout, he could do this without losing his WW crown and win or lose afterwards continue his domination of the WW divison.

I agree a fight shouldn't happen just because the fans want it to, otherwise we could see a return to the old David and Golaith style matches and that would be foolish (I'd be rooting for K1 grand prix style end of year tournaments but I never expect to see that in the UFC for example)

But as I said, back in the days when fighters were less concerned with their win loss ratio I think we has fans were treated to bigger better fights more often.

I'd see more value in a fighter fighting 4 tough guys and being in amazing fights winning 2 losing 2 than the same guy fighting and winning 4 times against lesser opposition.

I have been saying for a while that I thought the size difference and quality of each fighter makes this a mismatch, which was my reasoning for wanting to see Silva tested against bigger guys like Shogun but then I thought maybe I am doing a disservice to GSP.

They are close enough in weight to make the match happen, at a catch weight that would suit both, non title 3 rounds (maybe giving a slight aid to GSP as he would be required to use his wrestling for a shorter period to win) and I don't see why this couldn't happen nor why it would effect either fighters plans for the future.

The problem is a loss is starting to be perceived as more damaging than it once was, I mean we were talking about whether Machida would be cut if he lost again even though he has so far only lost a title fight and a close decision to a top rated fighter.

Its this change in perception that makes the fight less likely to happen, if as in days gone by (or like you see in Thai boxing events today) a loss is written off as no particular big deal you just get on and win the next one I doubt GSP would have too many reservations about the fight as it would surely be a great challenge for him.

I do personally think perhaps the marketing side of the UFC have doubts as to what is more valuable to them, a superfight between the two fighters billed as the P4P champs or to keep both apart and continue to host fighters promoting each as p4p greats.

I think looking at Silva now, at his age and having achieved what he has there is little point him being involved in anything less than super fights from here on out. He has nothing less to prove (maybe you can say the same of GSP) and the only fights I really see of interest are the rematch with sonnen (because of the close nature of the first match) and then a GSP or a Shogun or someone of that kind of stature.

I mean it gets to the stage where what is the point of seeing over dominant champions beating up on people you doubt have a chance to beat them? GReat for their legacy? maybe, but to me being involved in wars and super fights is equally if not more valuable to their legacy win, lose or draw.

As for not wanting Silva to become the LHW champ, well if that was really a problem it could be a non title match up done simple for the pleasure of seeing two greats go at it or indeed to present more impressive challenges to a great fighter in Silva.
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