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If we think about it.

GSP is known to be

1. fairly smart
2. well prepared fighter since his serra loss

would he be that if, instead of focusing 200% on nothing else than his next fight, he would give away interview about a supposed fight that might happen?

now ask the same question, how good would he be, i mean would he be such a dominating champ if, instead of focusing 200% on his next bout, he would already be making plans to move in another weight class, preparing his body (and mind) to a task that has absolutely NO relevance whatsoever to his next fight ?

He's not "ducking", he just doesn't want to think about it because he feels that it would distract him from his goal which is beating Jake Shields.

I wouldn't be in his head right now because of all the bother he might have from people who keep asking him about andy superfight, dragging his attention away from his next bout.

He might even lose his next bout because of that lack of focus, induced by all the hype about a fight that might or might not happen.

He made that mistake once, and learned from it.

I mean he got nothing to prove to anyone, it's not like the WW were full of nobodies, he won against great names and basically dominated and won every single round for years.

But how would it help him to blah about andy fight instead of getting his mind properly set towards winning against Shields?
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