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yeah i can barely even post here anymore, im getting banned so much.

I even got a warnign for calling silvawand my B1tch when he literally is my b!tch as it says on his sig. kam it was a joke.

and as for the incident on going off on marrissa....yeah maybe i went a lil overboard but i was just trying to get the point across that you shoudlent make fun of fighters because of the way there faces look......


this forum is great but its also seriously flawed, ill probably be banned again in amatter of a day or two.

75% of all the warnings ive gotten are completely unfair.

I love posting here but but im losing my love for the place when all i get is unfair warnings, bannings and no help from the mods.

Like i have almost 1800 posts, two rep bars, ive made countless forum bets with tons of people, i won a meember of the year award even.....hook up a little love

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