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It wasn't a slap in the face AT ALL. He's tired of hearing about Rashad when he's trying to focus on Shogun. Stop trying to make more Jones hating threads. It's just stupid now.
Originally Posted by SideWays222 View Post
You guys know... il be by myself on this. I have never heard Jon jones full comments when talking about Rashad. So i kept thinking that its pretty silly for Rashad to get mad over the stuff i read. But after reading the full quote here, i can understand why Rashad is a little ticked off. The way Jon Jones went about it was kind of a slap in the face.

Its a pretty harsh comment. A second ago they dont want to fight because they are like brothers. Next he says that Rashad isnt even in his mind or who he is. He will find energy and power out of other people?? Like Rashad has been dragging him down or something?

I realize most of you guys are ok with Jones saying this stuff but i personally find it disrespectful. So if Rashad thinks there is beef i can full understand.

But a phone call to Jon Jones and Greg is in order and i hope Rashad goes through with it. It just seems like MMA fighters dont have good friends or something. Because it would never get to this point with my friends.. especially not in the public eye. Its just respect imo to keep your dirty laundry between each other.
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