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Originally Posted by limba View Post
The blue text. It's one week old, nothing new. Has been discussed here last Thursday and Friday.

Don't really know why you made another thread about this subject when there are 2 already. But i will like to thank you for posting this, especially the first part: Rashad's comments. It's something new, at least for me.

This is the first time he comes out and gives so much details about Jones' addition to Jackson Team.
Before, it was just the usual: "we were asked by Jackson if we want Jones as our teammante and we decided to let him join the team."

And now comes my absolute favorite part.
Especially the red part.

BRILLIANT Rashad!...Brilliant!

That answers a lot of questions about his frustrations...
Making more and more fans, right Suga?!

PS: And you "owe" me a response to one of my posts, after i responded to yours

BTW: + rep for the news man

because there was stuff that was new. So the art5icle put it together well and i thought it was worthy of a new thread. If i posted it in the other one, chances are it would have just got lost within the posts. I think people should know the WHOLE quotes and not just bits and pieces.

New Article.. New Thread. If the other thread was mine then i could just keep updating it. But that isnt the case.

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