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Here's my take on these fighters:

Anderson Silva - I'll be the first to admit it--this guy's super talented, and I enjoy watching him fight (when he actually shows up to fight). Sometimes he seems pretty likeable, but most of the time I just get the impression that he thinks he's the best damn fighter to ever grace God's green earth. This and of itself doesn't bother me (and, hell, it may even be true), but the fact that he assumes the fans are too stupid to realize he's not as humble as he pretends to be definitely irks me.

Brock Lesnar - I used to really hate the guy, but if you watch his interviews, it's hard to come up with good reasons for disliking him. Sure, he ain't too bright, and he's got a big personality, but those traits in se aren't guaranteed to inspire hate in me.

Rashad Evans - Overrated and way too melodramatic. I'll always root against him.

Michael Bisping - He almost won me over before and during the Rivera fight--right up until the illegal knee. One thing I will say is that he, for the most part, seems like a pretty rotten guy, but at least he seems to embrace that persona and just be himself.

Jon Jones - See Silva, Anderson.

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